Your child can start making money just like me
with NO MONEY at all. 
How?  Very Simple

                 Leanna's Inc. would send you pamphlets, flyers , magazine articles for you and your child to go to beauty salons and introduce them to Leanna's products.  You would also receive order forms. You would let the salons know that your child is representing 15 year old Leanna Archer from Leanna's Inc.

                 Once a beauty salon or an individual decides to purchase Leanna's products from your child, you would take the order, Email it, Fax it or Mail it to us and just like a Mary Kay style, your child would earn a 10 to 15 % PROFIT from that order and everytime that salon or individual makes a purchase, very simple but depend on their age, they'll need your help not only to sell but to deposit their check.

                  In addition, if you choose, we would put a picture of you and your child on the site and we would let our customers know that your child is representing their town, that way they would call you or email you instead getting it from us.

Working with your child would not only earn them money for college,
it would also help me raise money for school as well.
Thank you
P.O. Box 1194      Central Islip, New York    11722         Tel.  631-439-1760

Let's speak it out Ladies, Beauty has a secret
Eve had it and any Blondes or Brunettes.                
Anytime you're looking at a radiant Mane or a silky girl skin, there is
No other way to
Name it than in
A single and glamorous word
Such a secret has to be yours
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Leanna's story in the March 2008 issue of Ebony magazine pages 170,171 &172
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