Hair Dressing
with Avocado, Almond, Hibiscus and Rosemary oils

Leanna's Hair dressing promotes Hair growth, hydrates and
improves the condition of damaged, color-treated or processed hair without weighing it down.
Ideal for dry, dull, damaged, natural or chemically-treated hair.

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4oz   12 x $ 5.99 = 71.88
Hair Dressing with SHEA BUTTER
Hair Dressing with Avocado, Almond, Hibiscus, Rosemary oils & Shea Butter

This hair dressing has the same ingredients as the original above plus Shea Butter for extremely dry hair.
Customers in very warm and dry climate tend to order this more because it is oily.

Hair Oil Treatment   with Avocado, Almond, Hibiscus and Rosemary oils.
If you comb your hair and you lose a lot of it every time, If your hair is breaking due to a bad perm or coloring, use Leanna's Oil treatment and watch the breaking stops in a matter of a couple of days. Because Leanna's Oil is all natural, you can choose to use daily to protect your hair from dry sun or severe cold weather.
8oz    12 x $ 10.99 = 131.88
Hydrating / Detangling
Hair Mist
with, Almond Oil Jojoba oil, Vitamin E

This hair Mist detangles, adds shine and moisturizes.
It  also prevents breakage while blow drying and it leaves your hair manageable.

All Natural Hair Shampoo with Avocado, Almond, Hibiscus and Rosemary oils

Leanna's Shampoo is naturally inspired to promote healthy scalp and healthy hair. Infused with almond, avocado, hibiscus, rosemary to nurture, soften and rejuvenate over-stressed hair and scalp.
All Natural Hair Conditioner
with Avocado, Almond,
Hibiscus, Rosemary oils & Shea Butter
Leanna’s conditioner moisturizes hair as it conditions for a healthy-looking appearance and feel. It replenishes essential moisture and manageability. It conditions and hydrates hair and scalp. Leanna’s conditioner helps minimize hair breakage
Deep Conditioner
with Avocado, Almond, Hibiscus, Rosemary oils

Combat the damage of chemical treatments, coloring, heat styling and environmental pollution by deep conditioning your hair with Leanna’s on a regular basis.  This will help replenish lost moisture and keep your hair shiny and resilient.
Pure Virgin Shea Butter For the Skin

Use Leanna's Shea Butter to moisturize your skin.  Dry skin, dermatitis, dermatoses, eczema, sun burn, and burns are all helped by natural shea butter. It has an anti-elastase characteristic which makes it a good active ingredient against stretch marks.

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Hair Butter
with Olive, Aloe, Kokum, Hibiscus, Almond

Leanna's Hair Butter is very light.  It reduces breakage, rejuvenate your hair and eliminate your dry and itchy scalp.

12 x $11.99 =  $143.88
2oz     12 x $  6.99 =  $ 83.88
4oz     12 x $13.99 =  $167.88
12 x $11.99 =  $143.88
12 x $11.99 =  $143.88
8oz   12 x $  6.99  = 83.88
16oz   12 x $11.99 = 143.88
16oz   12 x $15.99 = 191.88
8oz   12 x $  9.99 = 119.88
16oz   12 x $12.99 =  $155.88
4oz   12 x $6.99 =  $83.88
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